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Resources and Links for Therapists

Group Therapy Training and Referral Resources

The American Group Psychotherapy Association is a multidisciplinary association and has over 2,000 members, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, clinical mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, pastoral counselors and creative arts therapists, many of whom have been recognized as specialists through the Certified Group Psychotherapist credential. The Association has 31 local and regional societies located across the country. Its members are experienced mental health professionals who lead psychotherapy groups and various non-clinical groups. Many are organizational specialists who work with businesses, not-for-profit organizations, communities and other natural groups to help them improve their functioning.

Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society is an interdisciplinary organization that provides training for therapists doing a wide range of group work. Their Annual Conference is held at Asilomar with many other training opportunities throughout the year.

The Psychotherapy Institute offers an advanced training program for clinicians interested in learning about group therapy. Their Clinic also offers a low fee therapy group.

FindGroupTherapy.com provides a comprehensive listings of therapy groups.

Note: To learn more about therapy groups, go to the article, Healing Power of Groups About Dr. Steiner's Therapy Groups, and read about her recently released manual for group leaders, Starting and Sustaining Groups that Thrive: Workbook and Planning Guide.

Social Media Resources

Dr. Keely Kolmes has made her social media policy available to clinicians: http://drkkolmes.com/for-clinicians/social-media-policy/

Health Related Resources for Therapists

For Health Related Resources see this extensive listing.

For additional recommended reading about chronic illness please see Recommended Reading for Clients.

End of life and cultural issues: The American Psychological Association has prepared materials for psychologists who are treating an aging population and consult on medical issues. Many factors, including culture and ethnicity, determine thoughts about death. Download the pdf document entitled Culturally Diverse Communities and End of Life of Life Care.

Partial list of Dr. Steiner's Publications:

Chapter contributor: Blotzer, Mary Ann and Ruth, Richard, Steiner, Ann: Sometimes You Just Want to Feel Like a Human Being: Case Studies of Empowering Psychotherapy with People with Disabilities, Paul H. Brookes, Maryland, 1995.

Co-author, Concerns of Women with Ovarian Cancer: A Qualitative Investigation Quality of Life Vol. 6, No 4 Dec 1998.

Her biography page has a more complete listing of Dr. Steiner's publications.

Also see Dr. Steiner's CD: The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness: How to Add Joy to the Ride.

Please check back periodically for additional resources.

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